2024 Fête de la Minjon in Saint-Bon en Tarentaise: A Successful First Edition

2024 Fête de la Minjon in Saint-Bon en Tarentaise: A Successful First Edition Filled with Traditions, Delicacies, and Community Spirit!

The village of Saint-Bon en Tarentaise experienced an exceptional day during the 2024 edition of the Fête de la Minjon. This edition marked an important milestone, being the first year after the creation of the association dedicated to organizing this event. More than a hundred people gathered to celebrate in an atmosphere of conviviality, sharing, and good cheer.

Presentation of the recently restored Our Lady of the Rosary painting and blessing by the parish priest

The day began with the highly anticipated presentation of a recently restored painting of Our Lady of the Rosary, discovered in the bell tower of the village's magnificent baroque church. This treasure, found during restoration work, was unveiled to the admiration of the villagers. The meticulous restoration revealed fascinating artistic details, showcasing the region's rich cultural heritage.

Following this presentation, the blessing of the painting by the parish priest added a spiritual dimension to the event. A solemn procession then wound through the village streets, where each house was blessed, reminding everyone of ancestral traditions and strengthening community bonds.

Conference on the History of Saint-Bon

The rest of the morning featured an engaging conference on the history of Saint-Bon en Tarentaise, given by Mr. David Dereani. Participants discovered historical anecdotes and little-known facts about their village, enriching their knowledge and local pride.

Roast Pig

The culinary highlight of the day was the festive meal, where a roast pig, accompanied by potatoes, was prepared by Martial François. Assisted by chefs Antoine Fouchard from the Bistrot du Praz and Henri Dereani, former chef at the Portetta, the meal delighted the taste buds of the attendees. The quality and flavor of the dishes were unanimously praised.

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Petanque Tournament

The celebration continued with a petanque tournament organized by Mr. Eric Leimgruber. Adhering to the rules of the game, the tournament brought together young and old in friendly competition, further strengthening the bonds between participants.

This 2024 edition of the Fête de la Minjon will be remembered as a day of encounters and sharing. Newcomers had the opportunity to meet long-time residents, and everyone appreciated the richness of local traditions in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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