What to do in Courchevel in summer ?

What to do in Courchevel in summer ?

Welcome to Courchevel, a mountain resort in the French Alps! Courchevel is a prime destination for vacationers looking for spectacular natural scenery and a variety of activities. Whether it's a mountain walk, a mountain bike ride, a snowshoe hike or a gourmet holiday, there are many activities to discover in the summer in Courchevel. In this article, we will explore the different activities that can be enjoyed in Courchevel during the summer months.

Explore Courchevel: discover the summer activities not to be missed!

Courchevel is a famous ski resort that offers a multitude of activities in the summer. Hiking enthusiasts will find many mountain trails to explore. The more adventurous can try via ferrata or canyoning. Nature lovers can enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking or paragliding. Children can discover the adventure course, the paintball or the tree climbing course. The older ones will be able to have fun with water activities or a boat trip. Finally, Courchevel also offers cultural events such as concerts, shows and exhibitions.

Explore the Courchevel Mountains in summer: Activities not to be missed!

  • Hiking or biking on the mountain trails
  • Visit the mountain lakes
  • Horseback riding
  • Climbing on the cliffs
  • Paragliding
  • Ski touring
  • Caving
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Visiting historical sites and monuments
  • Swimming in lakes and pools
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Picnicking and barbecuing in nature
  • Shopping in local stores and markets

Courchevel is a destination that offers activities for nature lovers and adventurers. In the Courchevel Mountains, you can enjoy an exceptional setting and discover many activities to practice in summer. You will be able to take advantage of the wide open spaces for cycling, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, golf and kayaking. You can also discover the fauna and flora by walking in the forests, admire the surrounding landscapes and try your hand at rock climbing. One thing is sure, you will always find an activity to do in Courchevel in summer. So don't hesitate to spend a few days here and explore the Courchevel Mountains.

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Exploring the Alpine pastures of Courchevel in summer: activities for everyone!

Summer is the ideal time to explore the Courchevel Alps and its surroundings. Various and entertaining activities are proposed for all types of visitors. Whether you are a nature lover, a sportsman or simply curious, you will find what you need. You can also take advantage of walking or biking tours, adventure courses, snowshoe hikes or canoe and pedal boat trips. The more adventurous can even try climbing or via ferrata. Numerous activities and events are organized throughout the summer for young and old.

Explore the French Alps: discover Courchevel in summer

Courchevel is a very popular ski resort, but its mountains are transformed in summer to offer a multitude of activities to its visitors. Nature lovers can enjoy hiking through the alpine landscape and mountain biking trails, while mountain sports enthusiasts can try their hand at rock climbing or tree climbing. The little ones can have fun in the adventure parks, swimming pools and cable cars. Boat trips on the Lac du Bourget are also available and the more courageous can try paragliding or bungee jumping. The resort also offers many restaurants and bars, festivals and craft markets to enjoy the summer.

Walking and enjoying the nature of the French Alps mountains

  • Practice outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, canyoning, etc.
  • Swimming in the alpine lakes
  • Visit museums and historical monuments
  • Relax in the thermal baths and spas
  • Enjoy the numerous events and festivals
  • Taste the local cuisine and local products
  • Shopping in the boutiques
  • Enjoy sports activities: golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, etc.
  • Enjoy the ski resorts for hiking and snow sports
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Renting accomodations in Courchevel 1550

Explore Courchevel in summer: Enjoy outdoor activities.

Courchevel is the perfect place to explore and enjoy outdoor activities. In the summer, you can walk along hiking trails, climb to the top of the mountains for breathtaking views, raft on the Isère River, canoe on Lake Bauche, and much more. You can also enjoy cross-country skiing, mountain biking, fishing, ziplining, horseback riding and many other activities. Explore the beautiful larch and fir forests and many other natural sites. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars nearby to enjoy a well-deserved break after a day of exploring. Courchevel is the perfect place to discover and enjoy nature in summer.

In conclusion, Courchevel offers a variety of activities for nature and mountain lovers. Whether it is skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, climbing, caving, via ferrata or summer sledding, there is plenty to do.

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